Sliders Performance Horses

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Yannay’s passion for horses began at an early age. Starting his career breaking colts for local ranches, Yannay soon began working with one of Israel’s best-known roping and cutting trainers, Nitzan Peleg. After earning his teaching credentials from The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Yannay was entrusted with the sensitive task of training horses for service with Israeli law enforcement and security while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Yannay was later recruited by reining and cutting trainer Christian Mayer, of Germany. While in Germany, he refined and broadened his expertise in horse development and conditioning, focusing particularly on muscle and body movement. Seeking to further his expertise, Yannay moved to the United States, where he has worked with successful trainers such as Bill Norwood and Tanya Jenkins.

Yannay seized the opportunity to begin training under his own brand, Sliders Performance Horses. Most recently, he has developed a nutrition program designed to promote the physical and mental health of horses. Yannay’s career serves as a testament to his dedication to training and fostering the well-being of horses and non-pros to build a competitive team in the show pen.


Sliders Performance Horses

Yannay Moshe

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