Dr Show Rug & Workwear Wash

SKU: 0002

Say goodbye to dirty, smelly blankets!

With superior cleaning abilities and built-in antibacterial properties, Dr Show Rug & Workwear Wash is the smart way to wash your horse’s blankets. It’s tough on dirt and stains but won’t damage the waterproofing of turnout blankets. Plus, it effectively breaks down and remove stains, especially the “extra-special” stains that come from life at the barn.  

⁃ Won't damage the waterproofing of turnout blankets. 

⁃ Effective against tough barn stains without being too harsh on fabrics. 

⁃ Works best in cold water, saving you the expense and harshness of hot water.

⁃ Antibacterial properties for a truly deep clean. 

How To Use:

⁃ Always dissolves the powders in warm/hot water to activate the enzymes.

⁃ Mix the Rug Wash up in warm to hot water in a bucket.

⁃ Use a soft hair broom, Do Not Scrub with a stiff broom as you may damage the waterproof membrane in the rug.

If required repeat the above steps.