Dr Show Muscle Trigger Spray

SKU: 0009

Dr Show Muscle Horse & Rider is great for use before and after working out to settle the muscles for the best possible stride and to avoid muscle pain and cramping. Made with therapeutic grade essential oils known to quickly soothe and relieve muscle tension and strain through trans dermal absorption. A great way to supplement while completely avoiding the digestive tract. Supports healthy muscles & tendons. Apply where you need it, when you want it for immediate, direct results.

Dr Show Muscle Spray is the only tool that will help not only your horse but also the rider to achieve maximum performance from your horse & body!

Super concentrated formula that is designed to relax muscles, reduce pain and speed up recovery time. Can also help reduce anxiety, stimulate the immune system and destroy bacteria. A unique blend of essential oils and more ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!

It's WHAT is in the bottle that matters.

⁃ Magnesium 

⁃ MSM 

⁃ Arnica 

⁃ Rosemary 

⁃ Frankincense 

⁃ Eucalyptus 

⁃ Peppermint