Dr Show Muscle Kit

SKU: 0008

Developed with industry professionals, Dr Show Muscle Horse & Rider spray is a unique product that premotes excellent recovery. Research has shown that magnets increase the production of amino acids and positively affect the entire body. In other words, magnets accelerate the metabolism and help the body function properly. They help oxygen and nutrients arrive at the location of injury as soon as possible so as to repair the damage.

Dr Show Muscle Spray is the only tool that will help not only your horse but also the rider to achieve maximum performance from your horse & body!

Super concentrated formula that is designed to relax muscles, reduce pain and speed up recovery time. Can also help reduce anxiety, stimulate the immune system and destroy bacteria. A unique blend of essential oils and more ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!

It's WHAT is in the bottle that matters.

⁃ Magnesium


⁃ Arnica