LT Quarter Horses


Luis Torres was raised in a family with deep roots in a tradition surrounded by cattlemen. Luis grew up admiring the horsemen in his family, the lifestyle and most importantly the love for the horse. The love for the horse and tradition led Luis to compete in the sport of Charreria. From trick roping to bucking bulls he always admired the “trainer” who would showcase and compete in Cala. Showing off the longest slide stops and fastest spins. While going to college pursuing a cardiology degree he never stopped competing in charreria and continued training his own personal horses. After 10yrs of working in the medical field, Luis ventured and took a leap of faith and followed his dream of training horses. It wasn’t until he met Manuel Campos who exposed him to better his knowledge about reining and the difference between being a good trainer and a good showman. 

Currently training out of Hardin Ranch, LT Quarter Horse has a program that focuses on the start of two year olds to finished derby horses. Luis's training program caters to everyone wanting to learn. As a trainer his goal is to not only train and show the horse but also allow his clients to have fun and grow through the green divisions into a higher competitive non pro level.